Crazy Earrings

Your ears deserve to be pretty too!

Give them a little gift, they're always doing such a good job at listening to tunes.

Harnesses + tactical vests

Looking for the seasoning that fits your outfit? Look no further! We've got these harnesses and tactical vests ready for your combat..

Party Neckwear

Badass neckwear for the ultimate party warrior! Gotta protect ya' neck! Don't let 'em catch u slippin'. 

Party Bags

One bag, two bag, three bag, four., 

We've got some cute bags and we know you want some more...


Rave glasses

Trying to keep a pokerface? Or oogle at that hot person in public? Try out some sunglasses for that perfect DFWM look...


How about a hat to accentuate your style? Maybe a handmade fluffy bucket hat... or something else? 

More cute stuff!

Is that what you want? MORE crazy goodies?

Well, If that's what you wish for, here you go.


What are you waiting for!