As FAC shop proceeds to grow in its capacity and notoriety we strive to become even more involved with the people that make the FAC shop what it is! 

The projects that we take part of are as versatile as they can get, anything from attending and selling our amazing products at festivals such as Mysteryland, to styling, organising our own events and many, many more things! Down below there's a little preview from what we've taken part of! - if you're curious of what is to come, stay up to date by checking our amazing instagram page!

The FAC shop loves parties - we are free spirited party people, we dance like nobody is watching.We don't care about other people their opinions and we go about our day as if its our last. If you wish to stay up to date regarding our events you can access our Facebook and instagram!

Down below we've got some examples of events and parties we have organised, feel free to check it out. 


Our festival stands consist of everything that will guarantee the flyest looks for your festival season. Not only do we sell our extraordinary party-gear but once in a while we have our own stages at festivals.

The festival stages and stands we've had were collaborations between different rave organisations in and around Amsterdam, that brought their dj's to take care of your entertainment while you get ready for your event. 

We've had stages and stands at events such as Open Air, Lowlands and Mysteryland!


A Party Pitstop is a pitstop where we offer you a array of services which you can take part in and of.


At a Party Pitstop we have a selection of festival gear, hairdressers, nail artists and even a tattoo artist! Not only that but also a braid bar and flash tattoos. We make sure that you'll be entertained and even better looking once you leave our pitstop.


We made a fine selection of durable vintage and contemporary fabrics which are made to last.Not only are these fabrics and shapes optimized for comfort and glamour, but also as a shield to show off each rave warrior we have hiding deep within ourselves.


The Launch of our collection will be presented by crazy preformances, featuring the customers of the FAC community.

Because after all, you are the Face of FAC. 


Have you ever felt like your party needed a little more pizzaz?

FAC shop offers the 'rent-a-party-friend' service to make your event even more extraordinary! A party friend is a friend who will interact with your guests, and make them have the time of their lives! 



Every party friend is equipped with the best moves, jokes, personality and looks.

For more information on this topic contact us through Facebook, Instagram or e-mail!.

As a free-spirited company we strive to be as creative as possible, we love elements that require us to think beyond our known borders. It is also possible to rent clothing at our store for 25% of the retail price! This is only possible if you're a stylist yourself or need it for a shoot,

for more information on this subject, contact us through Facebook or Instagram!

We have experience with styling too, we've done collaborations with SuperSocial Club, Madfox and Lowlands.

If you want us to do the styling don't be afraid to contact us.


FAC shop has a extensive portfolio when it comes to styling, we know what outfit fits your party, and what message you want to get through. 



For more information on this subject, mail us your information, your question and demands regarding the styling and anything else that might be of our concern to:



Rental is only available if you are a stylist or need outfits for a event or photo shoot. 


At short: we only rent items out for purposes other than private partying. The costs of rent are 25% of the retail price. 

If you wish to know more about this subject reach out to us and we'll get back to you ASAP!